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Meet mission control for your entire NFT portfolio

Your Dashboard shows you everything you need to know about your NFT Portfolio at a glance.

"I spent all this time trying to get an overview, but found nothing, and then decided to develop a tool for it myself."
Mike Hager

Mike Hager

Co-Founder NFTfolio.io

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Make it your own

No need to look at data you don’t care about. Just pick and choose what you want.

Manage multiple wallets

Easily separate the NFT wallets that you own from those that are owned by others. This is especially useful if you have multiple wallets and want to avoid miscalculating your portfolio value due to transfers between your own wallets

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Only show whats needed

Show and hide data based on your personal needs.

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Search Filter

Quickly and easily find the project you are looking for in your NFT portfolio. Simply type in the name of the project to bring up  the relevant projects in your portfolio. This saves you time and helps you stay organized.

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Whale watching

Follow the investment strategy of the most successful NFT investors and see their wallet activity right in your own account. Stay on top of the latest trends, spot profitable opportunities, and make more informed decisions. Start following the whales today!

Customer testimonials

Verlasse dich nicht auf unser Wort. Das ist es, was echte Benutzer denken.

"I've been investing in cryptocurrencies for seven years and in NFTs since April 2021. Previously, I always struggled to accurately determine my portfolio value. When I discovered NFTfolio, I was thrilled. It's very well-structured and provides real-time evaluation. With just a few clicks, I can retrieve all the data I need for my tax advisor, which previously took me hours to compile. It's a must-have tool for anyone who invests in NFTs." –Rene Schönberger
Bored Ape NFT

Rene Schönberger


"With NFTFolio I finally have an overview of my NFT collection. There is nothing comparable on the market and I trust the founders completely, because security is the most important thing when it comes to assets. And also nice, it's made in Germany. 😍🫶 "
"NFTfolio is the ultimate solution for NFT portfolio management. With top-notch data and an easy-to-use interface, NFTfolio is the perfect tool to discover the true value of your NFT collection, including data such as historical currency values, portfolio value after average sale and portfolio value at the highest trait floor. With direct links to every asset and the ability to connect every wallet and view transaction history, NFTfolio is the tool you need to keep track of your collection."



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Track All Your Transactions, Even Past Ones

Are you tired of trying to keep track of all of your past NFT transactions manually? Do you spend hours sifting through records trying to get a clear picture of your portfolio? Look no further! Our NFT Transaction History feature allows you to see and sort through all of your past NFT transactions with ease.

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Quickly and easily export your transaction history for use in other documents or your corporate balance sheets.

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Filter by transaction type

See all of your profit-generating transactions, track your losses, or find all of your air drops. Find exactly what you're looking for. Fast.

NFTFolio History
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The right plan for every portfolio size

Scalable pricing options to fit the needs of any NFT collector

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Track up to 50 NFTs
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Track unlimited NFTs
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Silver Plan

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Track up to 50 NFTs
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Track unlimited NFTs
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All your questions answered

Welcome to the NFTfolio FAQ section! Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our web app, which helps you track your NFT investments and their current value. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to send us a message or reach out to us on Twitter . We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is NFTFolio?

NFTFolio is a web application that allows NFT investors to easily track and manage their NFT investments and current value.

What features does NFTFolio offer?

NFTFolio provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows investors to assess trends, track expenses, measure trade success, customize their view, manage multiple wallets, and search/filter their collection. The web application also includes a gallery feature to view NFT artworks and a transaction history feature to track past transactions.

How accurate is the data NFTFolio provides?

The data provided by NFTFolio is accurate, comprehensive and always current. They are trusted by industry professionals including major crypto tax firms.

What is NFTFolio's pricing structure?

NFTFolio offers scalable pricing models to meet the needs of any NFT collector. There are three plans available: Silver at €29/month (tracking up to 50 NFTs), Gold at €49/month (tracking up to 1000 NFTs), and Diamond at €99/month (tracking unlimited NFTs).

Can I connect multiple wallets to my NFTFolio account?

Yes, NFTFolio allows users to connect and manage multiple wallets within the same account, making it easy to track all NFTs in different wallets in one place.

What blockchain networks does NFTFolio support?

NFTFolio currently supports Ethereum and Polygon. However, new blockchain networks are regularly added to the platform to better serve users.

My NFT is missing from NFTFolio. Why doesn't it appear?

If an NFT doesn't appear, please send us a message to support@nftfolio.io and we'll add it. We strive to filter out SPAM and SCAM NFTs, but sometimes valid NFTs are marked as spam.

I have an NFTFolio NFT but it is not recognized when trying to connect me. Why is this happening?

We recommend using Google Chrome with the MetaMask extension as hardware wallets or delegate.cash and warm.xyz are not supported by default.

What is included in the Excel export that I can download?

Lade ein Beispiel herunter und überzeuge dich selbst: Download Excel File

I have an asset, but NFTFolio isn't showing the correct price. Can I add the price manually?

Yes. Go to the "History" tab and hover over the row where you want to update the price. A small pencil icon will appear. Click on it and add the desired price. It is displayed in the dashboard. If you buy off-chain (e.g. at Nifty Gateway) we cannot derive the prices and rely on your input.

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By investors, for investors

We developed the tool that we wanted ourselves. Now we share it with the community.

Alexander Sachs
Alexander Sachs

Alex is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for blockchain technology. He has been working in the industry since 2016, making his expertise available to both small and large companies. After many successful collaborations, Alex decided to focus on his own business and founded NFTFolio, a software company specializing in NFT portfolio management.

Mike Hager
Mike Hager

Mike Hager is a German bestselling author of books on everything to do with finance. In February 2021 he found his way into the NFT space with the acquisition of 3 Cryptopunks. He later minted 10 Bored Apes and never sold a single one. People in this field therefore call him "a legend".

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